Thursday, April 14, 2011

Futyulos Mezes Barack, product of Hungary

Welcome!  I see you've moved on to the hard stuff!  While beer may be great to quench your thirst, there's nothing like a fine spirit to celebrate a landmark, wash down a heavy meal, or keep you cozy all winter long.

Here you'll find a new spirit to try each month, with the possibility of food pairings and cocktail recipes.  Now, I'm typically a scotch and a dry red wine drinker, so some of my lingo might remind you of those.   But I'm going to start nice and easy.  With something everybody likes - something you can't forget.


Futyulos [FYOO-choo-lohs] is a Hungarian liqueur made with apricots and honey.  It is typically tasted in shots, but is quite pleasant for sipping too.

Nose:  It is really strong to smell.  You get a hint of its sweetness, but the alcohol overpowers any idea of deliciousness in the nose.  At 60 proof, that isn't surprising!

Palate:  Cool and syrupy at first, the alcohol in it starts to tingle your tongue and sear the roof of your mouth as might any shot that you consume too slowly.  Definitely sweet though.  You can taste the honey and the apricots right away.

Finish:  It is the after-taste that is so nice.  Open your mouth and breathe in.  Apricots. 

Have it at breakfast with yogurt and granola.  Have it for dessert!  Have it on ice!  Add a splash to some champagne!  I'm having mine straight up out of a shot glass.  Several years ago, the magazine Mixology held a contest to create the best cocktail using this beverage.  Here is a link to the results. 



  1. One of my all time favorite spirits! Mmmmm!

  2. Should this bottle be stored at room temperature or in the freezer?

  3. Fütyülős Mézes Barack is basically a cheaply made rip-off of a traditional Hungarian apricot spirits based honey liqueur (even its local marketing is all about generating confusion between the two.) Fütyülős' composition is about 1 part fruit spirit (probably not even from apricots) and 3 parts vodka.with artificial apricot flavours.

    The alcoholic nose and tingle is caused by the high ratio of cheap vodka. It's just an easy-to-drink party booze, and not really good even at that.